Case Studies

BNI Visualized

Industry: Business Association

Solution: Infographic Creation

Output: Flash Animation | Poster

2Q Creations has been a member of the local BNI chapter for the last three years and in that time has benefitted tremendously from the organization’s structure. 2Q Creations proposed visualizing BNI’s process to better illustrate its value to both members and guests. BNI Visualized is a set of process diagrams that explains how BNI works and why BNI is the best marketing tool for businesses. BNI Visualized is a set of time-saving tools that members can use to enhance their guest invitation process. Using BNI Visualized also helps new members quickly understand the value of BNI and see what BNI can do to grow their businesses. BNI and 2Q Creations worked in close collaboration to develop BNI Visualized.

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Challenge | BNI is the world’s largest word-of-mouth organization, with thousands of chapters operating on every populated continent in the world.  The success of each BNI chapter depends greatly on the number of referrals contributed by members and the number of guests attending meetings each week.  The invitation process can be quite daunting for both guests and members.  If not articulated correctly, the value of BNI gets lost in translation and potential guests can turn away.

Action | In order to visualize ‘how’ and ‘why’ BNI can be a successful business tool, 2Q Creations broke the BNI process down into its most basic elements.  2Q then highlighted key components of the process by adding specific visual cues that give potential guests a clearer understanding of the benefits of joining BNI.  The visual map created by 2Q is an effective communicative tool that clarifies and simplifies the BNI process, so potential guests ‘GET IT.’

Result | BNI Visualized cuts through the excess static, determines the essence of BNI, and delivers it to both existing and potential members using visual language.  BNI Visualized is yet another contribution to the movement to revolutionize how information is transferred from source to audience. Contact 2Q Creations today and let us help you to visualize your information!

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