PowerPoint Creations

You are the ONLY reason why people come to your presentations. They want to learn how and why your product or service will benefit them. A PowerPoint presentation is merely a visual aid and should be used only as a support document or teleprompter.

Spend a few minutes and review your current PowerPoint presentations to see if any of the following apply:

  • You use the same master slide for your entire presentation
  • Each slide has more than 7 lines of text and more than 7 words per line
  • Your audience is reading your presentation instead of listening to you
  • Your presentation is text-heavy with minimum visual content
  • Your audience seems disinterested and confused by your presentation

If any of the preceding can be applied to your presentations, 2Q offers you the following to solve your presentation challenges:

  • Identify your specific audience
  • Analyze your current presentation for design shortcomings
  • Craft a new story to suit your specific audience
  • Implement new PowerPoint presentation design

Our goal at 2Q is to work with you to create a presentation that brings out the essence of your message by keeping it simple, but impactful enough to have the desired effect.

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Recent Projects

Due to a confidentiality agreement with the client, we are only allowed to partially show their PowerPoint presentation.

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