About 2Q

2Q Creations is a visual design agency located in Vancouver. Our mission is to communicate information visually.

People today are bombarded with information. A more attention-grabbing marketing language is needed to communicate with the modern audience.  For the average person, a vast majority of the content that comes their way is simply disregarded.

At 2Q, we cut through all the excess static, determine the essence of your message, and deliver it to the desired audience using eye-catching visual language.

Our Philosophy

2Q believes that visual language offers advantages that written communication does not. Visual language creates UNDERSTANDING through SIMPLICITY for greater EFFECT.


Visual language leads to a more immediate and deeper understanding.

2Q Creations - create simplicitySimplicity

Visual language simplifies complex processes, so your potential clients “GET IT.”

2Q Creations - Create desired effectEffect

Visual language effects sales growth because it resonates profoundly with the audience.

Contact 2Q Creations today and let us help you to visualize your information!

Vis•u•al lan•guage [n]
1. the integration of words, images, and shapes into a single communication unit.
2. the use of words and images or words and shapes to form a single communication unit.
*source: Visual Language by Robert E. Horn